X-VPN - Free With No Pop-up Ads

14.2 for iPhone

Mask your movements around the Internet and improve your connection


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If you see the Internet as potentially hostile territory and want to hide your movements in a quick and simple way, X-VPN - Free With No Pop-Up Ads is the app you're looking for.

Thanks to its minimalism and highly simplified interface you can activate all the functions in X-VPN - Free With No Pop-Up Ads by tapping just one button. In less than one second – and with no ads nor registration of any kind – you can change your IP address as desired, encrypt your browsing data, protect your passwords and personal info, and optimize your connection speed.

Get the most out of your data allowance, browse on any site with no fear of being tracked or traced, and enjoy unmatched privacy with X-VPN - Free With No Pop-Up Ads, an app as simple to use as it is efficient.
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